Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets: Which One Better?

Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets: Which One Better? Well, not only you, many of us may confuse to choose between bamboo bed sheets and cotton bed sheets. Because, both of them are natural, organic, durable and many others similar qualities. On the other hand, bamboo sheets are much less costly than cotton sheets. So, you may think cotton sheets are better as they’re high priced.

Here, in this article, I have discussed some features which should be considered of both sheets while you’re choosing bedding materials.

Here, in this article, I have discussed some features which should be considered of both sheets while you’re choosing bedding materials.


The qualities of bamboo sheets are:


Bamboo sheets are made from the organic fiber originated from bamboo viscose. So, the sheets are naturally soft enough to give you cool experience in sleeping. They are also softer than cotton even sheen like Qashmere or silk.

Although the sheets are extremely soft, they are also a little heavy. However, the weight is ignorable while you’re sleeping within the wrapping of the cloud. Super thread quality with expert tailoring makes them comfortable for you.


One of the great qualities from natural bamboo bed sheets is that the sheets are hypoallergenic. They are naturally antibacterial. Also, they are resistant to fungus and mites. So, you are thoroughly free from affecting allergies and microbial.

On the contrary, you’ll get natural protection by using organic bamboo sheets. They are also favorable for your skin. They are also non-irritating to the skin rather are a good partner for sensitive skin.


Bamboo is the longest grass of the earth. It protects the earth from soil erosion by regenerating from the old roots. Also, it requires less water but no chemicals and fertilizers. Though cotton cultivation needs almost 25% chemical fertilizers the world produces, bamboo cultivation needs no chemicals or fertilizer.

Also, bamboo plants absorb more than about 35% carbon dioxide comparing to the same aged and sized other plants. So, it can be stated that using bamboo sheets will help to plant more bamboo sheets resulting clean the air pollution.


Growing plants may require pesticides and fertilizers. They also need sufficient water to grow fast. As a result, the natural diversity of the earth is losing the beauty day by day by the effect of using chemicals and pesticides. Also, nature-friendly warms and living beings such as frogs and bees are being died.

On the contrary, bamboo needs no chemicals and fertilizers which helps earth getting better. Also, Bamboo grows much more roots which protect the earth being washed away. Also, bamboo grows about 3 feet in a day which helps you to grow more plants in a short time.


The cross-section of the bamboo plants produces millions of micro-holes in the bamboo fiber. The holes can absorb and evaporate human sweat highly. Also to the evaporation and absorbent, the micro-holes have sufficient ventilation properties.

They will help you to stay warm in the cool weather and cool in the warm weather. So, why will you miss from the comfort of the great bedding companion?


Bamboo sheets are naturally odor resistant. They are free from pilling. So, all products made from a bamboo fiber such as sheets, duvet covers or pillowcases require less washing. Also, they are machine washable with cold water. But, you have to follow the instructions of the manufacturers providing with each set of the sheet.

Uses of hot water or bleach can extremely harmful to the sheets by diminishing the quality and the color. Also, some of the sheets are pre-wrinkled. So, even after washing, you don’t need ironing frequently.


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The features of cotton sheets are:


Cotton is naturally friendly for human skin. They aren’t irritating or itching for the sensitive skin. So, by using cotton sheets, your skin can be free from any irritation or itchiness. Also, you will have a fresh, clean and sound sleep by improving the quality of your sleep by using the organic cotton bed sheets.

The sheets are also naturally hypoallergenic as well as antimicrobial. So, the organic sheets will give you natural protection from fungus and mites.


A myth goes for cotton sheets that they require much more maintenance than any other bedding sheets. Rather, cotton sheets need to be following instructions avoiding the myths. Using machine wash for cleaning cotton bed sheets is fewer industries.

You may use cold water for sheets laundry. Cold water helps to retain natural colors and softness. But, if you’re not satisfied with the removal of stain, use warm water to clean the stain. But never use fancy detergent to wash the organic sheets.


Quality is one of the main reasons to choose cotton sheets as bedding materials. The sheets improve the quality of sleep which will refresh you in mind and health. Though chemicals are used to cultivate cotton, they are washed by using vegetable soaps.

No chemicals are found after washing. You’ll also never find any chemical attachment to the sheets. However, it is thought that cotton sheets are the most comfortable bedding sheets for its’ higher quality.


Super quality cotton sheets are free from pilling. Pilling reduces the quality and color of the sheets as well as they feel uncomfortable. Organic cotton sheets with high-quality thread count protect sheets from getting pilling.

Most of the manufacturers provide a satisfaction guarantee for their products for pilling or color-diminishing. So, pay here heed to be ensured about product guarantee as superior cotton sheets always cost an arm and a leg.


Choosing organic sheets for bedding will incorporate environmental protection as well as other living beings. The uses of nature in all our day to day activities will strengthen the movement of saving the earth.

Both cotton bed sheets and bamboo bed sheets are comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic. They are biodegradable and friendly for the earth. But cotton sheets requires much more money to buy with careful maintenance.

On the other hand, bamboo sheets serve same by letting you expense a little with low maintenance. So, I strongly recommend using organic bamboo bed sheets for bedding which will be helpful for you and nature.


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