Bamboo sheets international are top sheets for luxurious and smooth feeling. They give you cool experience in sleeping. They are long lasting and smooth feeling because of 300 thread count high-quality bamboo fiber.

The bamboos require no chemical to grow. So, they are free from pesticides and microbial. Like bamboo sheet tranquility, bamboo sheets international are naturally hypoallergenic and odor resistant. They regulate temperature to make you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

BEST BAMBOO SHEETS INTERNATIONAL: pros and cons at a glance

  • The sheets are lightweight, soft and comfortable.
  • Zero problems with shrinkage or piling even after washing.
  • Easy washable with cold water.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.
  • Different colors and sizes.
  • Check sizes before placing an order as that can be an issue.
  • Washing with hot water can ruin the sheet.

best bamboo sheets international : Available Colors & Sizes

Different people have different choices in colors. They choose a color based on different factors and like to have most of the things of that color. Hence, Bamboo sheets International brings sheets of various colors. You can choose the sheets among White, Black, sage, green, bluebird, silver or grey.

Different sizes are available to get you choose the fit one for the mattress. You can pick up the perfect size from the queen, king or California king. Though only three sizes are available, you can get a customize size also. To get a customized sheet, contact with the manufacturer before placing order or shipping.

Features and Benefits of best bamboo sheets international Bed Sheet Set

Superior Quality

The sheets are made of natural bamboo viscose. They have no other material except 100 percent bamboo viscose fiber. Though they are from China, the local reseller ensures the quality of the sheet.

Though the thread count is standard 300, the sheets are softer than 1000TC cotton sheets for expert tailoring. Besides, the superb tailoring ensures the long lasting as well as the softness of the sheets. Most of the reviewers say the ultimate softness of the international sheets.

Certified Organic

Bamboo sheets international have undergone numerous tests to testify the organic element of the product. Any product certified by OEKO-TEX® means it is useful for the human and nature. Besides, the product cannot harm the humanity and nature.

Bamboo sheets International are certified from Global Textile Standard Certificate (G.T.S.C). Also, the organic sheets help you to prevent diseases like allergies and microbial. The tests have proved that the sheets are free from any chemical fertilizers or substances.


Millions of people are suffering from allergies. They are afraid of using bamboo sheets because of affecting fungus or microbial. Are you one of them? Are you afraid of getting affected by bamboo sheets? If yes, the great news is waiting for you. Bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

They will protect you from fungus and microbial. As the sheets are odor resistant, you won’t be affected by any contagious disease. You’ll get a natural protection when you’re using a bamboo sheet.

Thread Count

Sometimes it is considered that higher thread count means better quality in bedding. But, thread count is not the only element to identify the quality of the sheet.

Most of the time thread count is just an element like fiber. 300TC is used in bamboo sheets international. The thread count makes it soft and durable.

Super Breathability

Bamboo sheets International will give you super breathability in all the seasons. The thousands of holes in the sheets make the air regulatory system prompt.

They also keep you warm in the cold weather or cool in hot weather by keeping the air close to your body. After all, the sheets are the great companion for bedding all the year round.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is viscose produced Chemically and not from bamboo?
At first, viscose is a process, not an element. It is one of the two processes, viscose and rayon, which are used to produce fabric, the material to produce a sheet. However, the fabrics are produced from 100 percent bamboo and tested by OEKO-TEX®, the worldwide recognized organization to testify the standards. The sheets are tested many times and certified as 100 percent organic element. It means the sheets contain no harmful substances for humanity and nature.
Are the sheets slippery like silk sheets?
The sheets will give you similar experience like silk but not exact as silk. They are not slippery like satin or cotton sheets. Even, they are not as slick as silk. They are smooth enough to make you satisfied.
Where do the sheets make?
The sheets are made in China. The fiber of the sheets comes from China. China has the largest production of species of bamboo. Hence, China has also the production facilities to provide the best quality bamboo viscose fiber. Besides, the manufacturers are also strict to maintain the quality of the product.
By the way, though the fiber comes from China, the sheets are sewn in the United States by expert tailoring.

Ending Note

Bamboo sheets are lightweight, super breathable and comfortable. They will give you cool experience in sleeping. Even, you are naturally protected from allergies, fungus or microbial. On the other hand, the sheets are free from wrinkle even after washing.

No extra maintenance is required, but you have to follow the instructions when you’ll wash them. So, why will you miss a chance to have a sleep wrapping in the cloud?

Best Bamboo Sheets INTERNATIONAL
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