6 Best Manual Leather Sewing Machines in 2022 [Affordable]

We know that finding a manual leather stitching machine can be very hard and you never know what could go wrong, moreover assembling these machines takes a lot of time. Hence for this purpose, we have created our list of the top manual leather sewing machines. We guarantee that you will love every one of these products. We have considered everything from quality to the assembling process.

We will also answer some of the most asked questions regarding leather hand stitching machines. Important things to know before buying:

Can I sew leather on a manual sewing machine?

Yes, you can easily sew leather on a manual sewing machine. But to make professional products such as coats, jackets and other items you will need the right equipment. If you buy one of the above-mentioned machines, you can easily sew leather with a manual leather hand sewing machine.

What does a leather sewing machine do?

These manual sewing machines are powered tools that are used to stitch leather together. They are amazing, efficient and they let professionals work smoothly as they don’t overheat.

Best Manual Leather Sewing Machine 2022:

Here is the list of top Manual Leather Sewing Machines

FamYun Leather Sewing Machine10 [Editor's Choice] Check Price
ColouredPeas 4-Bearings Leather Sewing Machine8 Check Price
ZXMOTO Cobbler Sewing Machine Hand Crank Leather8 Check Price
KEKEROSS Manual Leather Sewing Machine8.5 Check Price
SOGA LIFE Leather Sewing Machine7 Check Price
ColouredPeas 2021 Cobbler Sewing Machine6.5 Check Price

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Buying Guide:

Now we will discuss some of the things that should be present in a manual leather sewing machine. We have considered all of these factors while creating our list of the best manual leather sewing machines.


The machine should be durable. This is a major factor that should be considered before you buy a sewing machine. Usually, sewing machines are pretty expensive, even though these machines are very helpful and they let you do their much smoothly hence you don’t want your money to go to waste and your want the machine to be durable and long-lasting

Premium Quality:

The machine should be made up of high-quality; this is another major factor that should be considered. If the machine is made up of high-quality you will be able to do your job more efficiently.


The machine will definitely require maintenance. Since the machine is made up of hands you will have to take care of it, but it is great if the sewing machine is low maintenance as this way it will not get in your way.


The machine should be convenient. This is a very important factor because if you are buying a machine to sew leather you will want the machine to make your job easier, hence for this purpose the machine should be convenient, it should have all of the things that you need.

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1. FamYun Dual Cotton Nylon Line Sewing Machine

Why we love it:

  • The machine is powered by the crank meaning it works much more smoothly.
  • It can sew materials that are up to 5mm thick.
  • The machine is made up of Cast iron which makes it much stronger.
  • The machine has a tripod-type stand that can easily be controlled.

✅The machine is very durable and reliable as it is made up of high-quality
❌It might not give your products a smooth finish.
✅The machine is very easy to use.
✅It will stay by your side for a long time.

2. ColouredPeas 4-Bearings Shoe Repair Hand Leather Sewing Machine

Why we love it:

  • It comes with nylon, a needle and a tripod bracket, these are some useful accessories.
  • The distance between the needles is 6mm, which makes the machine more efficient.
  • The shoe fixing bracket makes the machine very stable.
  • The machine weighs 24 pounds which means it is lightweight.

✅The machine is very durable
❌The machine will need maintenance.
✅It is easy to use and it is user friendly.
✅It is handmade and it will be made to perfection.

3. ZXMOTO Cobbler Sewing Machine Hand Crank Leather

Why we love it:

  • The wrench can rotate 360 degrees hence you can adjust the machine according to your workspace.
  • You won’t need to roll back the wheel to adjust the machine, which makes it much more convenient.
  • You can use it as a decoration piece since it is absolutely stunning.
  • The machine is made up of iron and metal.

✅Very easy to operate you can easily use it whenever you want
❌You might need to buy some extra tools if you want to assemble the machine properly.
✅Comes with a simple instruction manual hence the assembling process won't take a lot of time
✅It is impact-resistant and it is durable.

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4. KEKEROSS Manual Leather Sewing Machine

Why we love it:

  • It comes with a shoe repair machine and a shuttle which will allow you to do your work easily.
  • It has a needle pressing foot making the machine much more reliable.
  • It also comes with a Tripod type stand which makes the machine stable.
  • The crimping plate; has an adjustable elastic on the upper thread.

✅Made up of high quality and it is durable and reliable.
❌The instruction manual is a bit vague.
✅It is multipurpose. You can make a lot of products using this machine
✅The machine will stay by your side for a long time.

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5. SOGA LIFE Hand Cobbler Leather Sewing Machine

Why we love it:

  • It is 5lb lighter than the previous machines.
  • It is rust-resistant making the machine more durable.
  • It has a high-quality bobbin which makes the lines closer.
  • It weighs 20 pounds which mean is lightweight.

✅It is heavy-duty and it is able to resist impact.
❌The machine needs more maintenance.
✅The machine is much more durable with its new and improved structure
✅It has many new and useful features.

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6. ColouredPeas Cobbler Sewing Machine

Why we love it:

  • It has a detachable hand crank, making the machine adjustable.
  • It is an optimized version which makes your job much easier.
  • Its maximum sewing thickness is 0.48inches.
  • The speed of the electric motor reaches 10,000 allowing you to quickly finish your work.

✅It is convenient because it has many new features
❌You will have to arrange the machine yourself.
✅The machine is durable with its new structure.
✅It is user-friendly meaning it is very easy to use.


In this article, we talked about some of the top manual inexpensive leather sewing machines. We know that finding a good sewing machine can be very difficult especially if you want to use it to sew leather.
Hence we highly suggest that you select a sewing machine from our list. Make sure to always keep your budget in mind when you buy a leather hand sewing machine because they can be very expensive sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I choose a leather hand sewing machine?

You can look out for the factors that we have mentioned above. Make sure that whatever machine you buy is within your budget and that’s it. You can buy any machine you want.

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