7 Pillows for Migraine that will make it Go Away – Reviewed

Best Pillow for Migraines

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Everyone who suffers from it has a list of triggering events.

In most cases, the list contains a lack of sleep, neck or back pain, stress, improper meals, and so on. But having a right pillow can take care of the top 3 of these triggers(lack of sleep, neck/back pain, and stress).

Just like any other good product, finding the best pillow for migraines is a hard nut to crack. And if you’re on this mission, you need some expert help.

And that’s exactly what this article is all about. Find the done-for-you list of best pillow for migraines and headaches, backed by a thorough buying guide.

Pillow for Migraines 2022:

Here is the list of top Pillow for Migraines 2022:

Water Pillow 10 [Editor's Pick] Check Price
Sleep Innovations Pillow8 Check Price
Perform Pillow 9 Check Price
Desirable Home Foam8.5 Check Price
Blissful Serenity Bamboo Pillow7 Check Price
EMPUR-Ergo Neck pillow8 Check Price
Arc4life migraine pillow9 Check Price

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Ranked #1st on the list of 7, we have Water Pillow by Mediflow on the podium. It’s a premium graded and fully sealed water pillow made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton. On top of that, it’s covered with a Dacron Hollofil fiber layer.

Now all kinds of water pillows can bring on comfort to your head and neck. But this particular model had been tested at the John Hopkins research center and it has got shreds of evidence. It will help to a good extent to decrease neck pain, sleep deprivation, and anxiety on the bed.

Result? Supreme comfort for the head, spine, and overall body. Which eventually reduces the chances of migraines and headaches.

✅100% Bamboo Viscose and organic❌A little bit expensive
✅Twice softer than cotton❌Slightly smaller pillows
✅Naturally Hypoallergenic
✅Money back Guarantee if you dissatisfy
✅No pilling

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Sleep Innovation had been quite a brand for a few recent years, and they’ve been able to put some benchmarks. And one of their flagship products had been Sleep Innovations Cool Memory Foam Contour Pillow, which is eventually our #2nd best pick of the list.

The first token of appreciation we’ve got regarding this pillow is its ability to induce cool and comfortable sleep. If pain and stiffness had been your issues while sleeping, this pillow can be your way out.

The contoured pillow is made of layers of open-cell memory foam. These layers are super-effective for adjusting with the shoulder, neck, and head. If stiffness in muscle and improper alignment is your issue, this pillow will take care of it properly.

✅The sheets are lightweight, soft and comfortable.❌Check sizes before placing an order as that can be an issue.
✅Zero problems with shrinkage or piling even after washing.❌Washing with hot water can ruin the sheet.
✅Easy washable with cold water.
✅Naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.
✅Different colors and sizes.


If you’re up for spending a few extra bucks for a superior quality cover of your pillow, then Perform Pillow Memory Foam Neck Pillow is for you. It has got a cover which is made of bamboo and polyester, and that’s probably one of the best covers in the market. Moving forward to its design and style, we found this foam to be made in a very special manner.

They call it the orthopedic design and it’s supposed to provide unparalleled support while you’re sleeping. It won’t cause you suffocation as the foam is super-breathable. An important part of any discussion regarding this pillow will certainly be its cover. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the cover is made of polyester and bamboo, and the ratio is 56% and 43%.

✅Perfect to make your bed luxurious.❌Comparatively Expensive but not as cotton.
✅Maintain thermal connection inside and outside.❌Sizes can vary so check before placing an order.
✅Usable in all the year round.
✅Friendly for human skin.
✅100% organic bamboo Viscose fiber.

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If you are quite a bit old school when it comes to pillows and mattresses, the pillow we’ll be talking about is one is the right fit for you. It’s called Desirable Home Decor Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow and we will break down the features for you. What comes first in our mind is, what is it made of?

Well, like every bamboo cover pillow, it has memory foam inside the cover of the premium bamboo cover. The material feels extremely smooth and soft. Thus it provides you with supreme bed-time comfort and gets relieved of snoring, insomnia, neck pain, asthma etc.

One unique property to this pillow is, you can add or remove memory foam filling as per your desire. So it’s not so insulated or contoured like many other pillows of the market.

✅No pilling, stay smooth even after washing❌Probably too pricey for a mixture of cotton-bamboo sheet
✅Need not special care like cotton sheets
✅Simultaneous feeling of cotton and bamboo
✅Free from pesticides and chemical
✅Machine wash only but no bleach

6. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Neck pillow:

This migraine pillow is made to provide you with maximum comfort.  It is engineered in such a way that it adjusts to the shape of your body in this way your body can fully relax and you can have a good night’s sleep.

It also acts as a pain reliever by relaxing your neck and your shoulders.  The Tempur Pedic Ergo Neck migraine pillow returns to its normal shape after you use it. It is one of the best pain relievers and migraine pillows in the market. 

✅It can be used by anyone❌It is not wrinkled resistant
✅It is very comfortable 
✅This migraine pillow is very durable

7. Arc4life migraine pillow for Sleeping:

This migraine pillow was originally designed for military use as it provides a very high level of comfortability. It relaxes your neck and your shoulders preventing any type of pain in these areas. 

Not only does it help you sleep comfortably it also helps in relieving the pain. For instance, if you have neck pain five to ten minutes of sleep on the migraine pillow will help with the pain a lot.

✅It is adjustable. ❌It is a little on the expensive side but is definitely worth it
✅It helps with neck pain and shoulder pain as well
✅It is highly durable

The Arc4life Cervical Neck Traction migraine pillow is highly convenient as it adjusts to your size this makes your experience with it more relaxing. 

It is made up of the highest quality of materials to provide you with a maximum level of comfortability by relaxing your neck and your shoulders it helps in relieving stress as well.  This migraine pillow provides a relaxing and comfortable sleep so that you can be ready for the day ahead. This is one best migraine pillow for headaches.  By adjusting to the shape of your neck it provides personalized comfort Check Price[ Price


Now that, you’ve gone through five of our best pillow reviews, it’s time to shorten up the list with the help of our buying guide below. These are the factors that you should keep in mind before making your mind about the final purchase-


Behind every pillow’s worth, the biggest fact is- what is it filled with? Is it water, or memory foam, or feather? Each of these materials has its own values to add. Now, it’s up to you which one do you prefer. Keep in mind that, with any of these filler materials, you need to consider the breathability as well.


The cover is the only part of the pillow that you will be in touch with. So, it’s mandatory to be soothing and comfortable. If you’re suffering from migraines, insomnia, or a headache, a bamboo cover along with polyester would be perfect. You can also try microfiber cover, cotton cover, etc.


The shape of the pillow you should go for majorly depends on your sleeping habit. If you’re a side sleeper, then you should go for a contoured side sleeper’s pillow. If you are likely to switch positions while sleeping, you better go for an adjustable one.


Cleaning regularly is a duty that comes with any pillow. So, go for a pillow which can be cleaned with both hands and machines. And keep both cover and filler material into consideration.


If you ask a pediatrician, he may not mention the exact type of pillow you need to use. But when you’ll go through the market, you’ll see a number of types of pillows, and each of them has its unique value to provide. Here is a brief discussion on each of the pillow types-

  • The first type of our list is specialized for side sleepers and provides firm neck support to them while sleeping. It’s made out of memory foam along with a bamboo or microfiber cover.
  • These are not confined within a fixed size or shape. Rather, they are made to be adjustable in shape, so that you get enough comfort while changing positions while sleeping. They have memory foam inside, and that’s the reason we call them memory foam pillow.
  • This special kind almost expresses itself through its name. Yeah, it’s all about contoured water and we love the way it provides adjustability and cooling sensation while one’s sleeping on it.

Apart from these major types, there are some more. Such as Buckwheat pillows, air pillows, etc.


Headaches are one of the common and suffocating physical issues of us all. And when it’s sourced while you’re sleeping, it usually lasts for the whole day. So, ensure to have the maximum amount of comfort for your head and posture. Pillows that are too thick and too heavy- aren’t required to be on your list of preferences. We suggest you go for a water pillow. Good quality water pillows are proven to work fine to induce quality sleep with any misalignment in body posture and head. In this list of best pillows for migraines, we have a water pillow right at the top of the list. It’s called Water Pillow by Mediflow and we highly recommend you for keeping a headache away.


Of course, it can. And we’ve obvious reasons behind claiming it so confidently. With a bad pillow, several bad features will work against your bedtime comfort. Starting from improperly aligned spine & neck, to muscle stiffness, suffocation, and pressure in particular points of the head- everything will take place. And once you’ve got to sleep on a bad pillow, all these hard times get started to opt-in, starting with headaches. Summary line- bad pillows are one of the viable sources of headaches.

What is the Best Pillow for Migraine Suffers?

Migraine sufferers usually look for pillows that can provide firm support of both the head and neck. And the most likely pillow type meeting these criteria is a contoured pillow. A good example is Sleep Innovations Cool Memory Foam Contour Pillow. This pillow is covered by a microfiber. Some other contoured models contain bamboo cover as well. So, that gives the user a cooling sensation while sleeping.

What is the Best Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Pain, aches, and stiffness in the muscles of the neck and shoulder might take place for a number of reasons. And with a good pillow, you can check some of them. But what type of pillows are ideal for neck and shoulder pains? Well, there are some pillows in today’s market which are made to create firm neck support. Especially, if you are a side sleeper, your neck is likely to be aligned improperly. With one of these pillows, that won’t be happening anymore. Our quick recommendations for such pillows go to Perform Pillow Memory Foam Neck Pillow.


We’re at the dead bottom of the article. Hopefully, that helped you out to make mind to pick up the best pillow for migraines. One last advice from our side is to keep an eye on the price-quality ratio, warranty, and return policies offered by the brands.


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