Cariloha Sheets Review in 2022 – [All Pros & Cons]


 When it is a question of sleeping, perfect bedding is the main concern. Cariloha bed sheets can be a great solution for bedding. 

The sheets are manufactured from 100% bamboo viscose. By the article of Cariloha sheets reviews, we find a perfect Cariloha sheet for you. They are machine washable and easy to care for. Though the price is a little bit higher, it will satisfy you with the lifetime guarantee. The sheets can enhance your elegance by the color and perfect size.

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Cariloha Sheets Reviews 2022:

Why do we like this product?

  • Comes with Carihola mattress:
  • Lightweight
  • Longer durability
  • Super Breathability:
✅Perfect to make your bed luxurious.❌Expensive
✅Maintain thermal connection inside and outside.❌Sizes can vary so check before placing an order.
✅Usable in all the year-round.
✅Friendly for human skin.
✅100% organic bamboo Viscose fiber.

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Features of Carihola Sheets:

One of the best sellers of thermal regulated sheets, the Crihola classic 4 piece bamboo sheets are the best in the world. The name is a combination of two words, (can you guess them?) that’s right; it’s the Caribbean and aloha. (Very tropical, we agree). Crayola makes mattresses, sheets, and pillows and all of these products are not just amazing and comfortable, they are popular all across the globe!

Just imagine a tropical vacation, now imagine a beautiful getaway resort’s bed; those amazing and breathable sheets are Crihola’s.

Comes with Carihola mattress:

These sheets are so comfortable and luxurious that there really isn’t any comparison. Made out of sustainable bamboo material you can’t go wrong with them. Laying on these sheets is like walking up on a tropical retreat every day and its sustainability is definitely a plus.  Hence it’s best to try out the mattress and see if you want this for yourself. Crihola mattresses are definitely a bit pricey but for good reason.

The overall quality and sustainability of the products make it an excellent buy. We’ve definitely enjoyed the experience and we’ve loved sleeping on it.

Lifetime Guarantee:

Concern for quality is a prime issue for online purchasing. Hence, Cariloha ensures you the ultimate satisfaction guarantee for the quality of the product. You’ll be given lifetime product quality for every sheet. So, any time you’ll have a problem with the quality of the product, you can get an exchange. However, you won’t get the refund but get and get an exchange. As a result, you have no tension for getting a worse quality product.

Antimicrobial And Hypoallergenic:

Even now, many people believe that having a bamboo sheet can help affecting allergies. So, they don’t want a natural and organic sheet in bedding. But, Cariloha bamboo sheet is free from all kinds of microbial and fungus. Even, the natural sheets are the best choice to resist microbial and fungus effectively. The sheets will make you free from any allergies or contagious disease.  Also, no artificial color is added to make the sheets colorful. So, you’ll get a natural color sheet in bedding that is even better than Bamboo Wedge Pillow.

Super Breathability:

Bamboo sheets are naturally thermostat to regulate the temperature. They help you to get comfortable in every season either hot or cold weather. The millions of holes inside the sheets hold the air which helps you breathe easily. You won’t sweat in the hot weather but feel cool. Also, you won’t get cold because of the low temperatures. The super breathability of the sheets makes Cariloha special to the fancy customers.


Cariloha duvet comforter is made from 100% organic bamboo viscose fiber. No artificial element such as microfiber or color is added to the organic element. So, the natural fiber makes the duvet comforter so light that you can’t feel it. The sheets will fit matters perfectly. You don’t need to stretch the sheets to make them fit. Also, you don’t need to iron after wash as the sheets are pre-wrinkled.

Longer Durability:

Durability is another consideration for purchasing bamboo sheets. It’s maybe anxiety to buy bed sheets every year. Here, the Cariloha duvet comforter ensures you long time durability for the sheets. You won’t regret it because the sheets are full of quality. Even if you think that the sheets have lost the quality, you’ll get a chance. Also, the thread count of the sheets is sewn by expert tailoring. Hence, they will get softer after several times washing.

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the sheets needn’t a duvet cover. They can make a great inclusion in your bedding as white color enhances your personality. You can use the sheets as a top layer. Besides using top layer, you can insert them into a duvet. However, the sheets are light in weight, which can help you use them as cover.


The whole manufacturing process has undergone several tests to certify from OEKO-TEX®. Cariloha is a certified company as all the products they sell. The product’s user-friendly for human and nature. No chemical or artificial element is used in any product. So, you can free from any unwanted suffering.


The package dimensions and weight of the queen size bamboo comforter are 22.2 x 19 x 6.8 inches and 9.05 pounds respectively. On the other hand, the package dimensions and weight of the King size bamboo comforter are 23.5 x 20 x 9.5 inches and 10.7 pounds respectively.

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