Tranquility bamboo sheets will give you the peaceful sleep. Everybody needs a sound sleep as well as a restful time to refresh. The sheets are made from organic bamboo fabric. They are naturally odor resistant and hypoallergenic. Even, they will protect your skin from contacting any mite.

A beautiful bedroom will enhance your personality. It will also make you sleep soon. Tranquility is a great inclusion in your bedroom essentials to make you comfortable. You can use the sheets all the year round. The sheets have a perfect thermal regulating system to make them comfortable in hot or cold weather.

tranquility bamboo sheets: pros and cons at a glance

  • 100% Bamboo Viscose and organic
  • Twice softer than cotton
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic
  • Money back Guarantee if you dissatisfy
  • No pilling
  • A little bit expensive
  • slightly smaller pillows

tranquility bamboo sheets: Available Colors & Sizes

The sheets are available in standard white color. You can also choose from other two gorgeous colors such as Grey and Ivory. However, the colors are limited to three types, but sizes are not. All sorts of sizes are available.

You can choose any sizes among Full, Queen, Queen Pillowcase, King, King Pillowcase and California King. However, confirm about sizes before placing an order. Though the manufacturers will change the sizes without no extra charges, it’s a little bit complex thing.

Features and Benefits of tranquility bamboo sheets


Tranquility sheets are twice softer than cotton sheets, experiments. Even, they will be softer after washing. Though there are some suspicious comments over the issue, they are so little in number to be ignored. Rather, most of the reviewers are positive about the performance of the sheet on softness issue. In fact, they are so soft as well as smooth enough. You will even get more comfortable than cotton from the bamboo sheet.


Nowadays everybody is concerned about environmental pollution. They want to be associated with the activities to reduce the pollution. So, it’s obviously the best idea to choose the natural materials in all aspects of life.

Even, you will compare the natural materials to measure the perfect one for nature. So, here is the bamboo sheet. They are more favorable to nature than cotton. Cotton needs much more water and fertilizer. On the other hand, bamboo needs less water and no fertilizer to grow.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction for any product is the prime concern for the conscious customers like you. So, being considerate of the customers’ comfort, the manufacturer has given you refund at any time. Just contact them directly if you don’t consent with the coolness and softness of the sheet.

Comfortable Temperature

Sweating under sheets or in sleeping is irritating. It can be happened for the body temperature, or cover temperature or for weather. However, bamboo sheets can adjust the temperature in above conditions. The thermal regulating system of tranquility bamboo sheets will regulate the temperature under the sheets.

They will adjust your body temperature through its thousands of holes. So, you won’t sweat even in hot weather in summer. Also, they will keep you warm in the cold weather by keeping air in the holes.


Bamboos are naturally allergic resistant. They will keep you safe from affecting allergies or other similar microbial. You won’t be affected like millions of people who are afraid of allergies. Also, you will get a natural protection for your skin from being in touch with the microbial. Besides, the materials of the sheets, bamboo are naturally odor resistant. SO, they will last longer than other types of sheets. In fact, the sheets will save your money by buying new sheets every year.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between rayon from bamboo and viscose/modal from bamboo?
Rayon is a broader term which is used to determine the type of material. It means semi-synthetic materials. On the other hand, viscose or modal is something more specific term to determine the elements originated from bamboo.
Will the sheets shrink after washing?
Washing in cold water and drying in medium light will make the sheets fine. However, to avoid any unexpected issues, follow the instructions and clean the sheets.
What is the size of queen pillowcase?
The standard size of the pillowcase is 20×26 inches. But the queen size pillowcase of the tranquility bamboo sheets is 20×30 inches. However, you can also change the size by informing them of shipping.
How deep are the king size pockets?
Usually, the sheets are gathered by elastic both on the top and below the mattress. However, the sheet is 16 inches long when it is stretched out. Normally, the king sizes are 16 inches deep when they are fitted.

Ending Note

For a better and sound sleep, tranquility bamboo sheets are the perfect choice for the affordable price. The sheets will wrap you in the cloud of comfort in the sleeping. Also, they will help you get refreshment after taking rest or sleep. The guarantee will ensure you have the best sheet.

Bamboo Sheets with Bamboo Tranquility
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