For many people, an uninterrupted sleep throughout the night is a dream. And the suffering of not being able to sleep is something that only a sufferer can describe.

Sleeplessness can be a result of any health issue, lifestyle or any fault in your sleeping supplement. A mattress alone can’t give you proper support and control unless there is a compatible pillow with it.

Various special types of pillows are nowadays available in the market. A bamboo pillow is one of them. So what is so special about bamboo pillows? Let’s find out.

What Is A Bamboo Pillow?

When you hear the word ‘bamboo pillow’, you may picture of some green leafy bamboo shoots. Some may also think its completely eco-friendly natural product. But it’s not 100% green. Rather it’s a mixture of various other materials both natural and synthetic.

But do you know what the most interesting thing about it is? Bamboo is not used as a filling material at all. So what are the constituent of a bamboo pillow? A wide variety of materials are used in a bamboo pillow cover. Such as-

  • Cotton
  • Organic cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Rayon
  • Polyester

Or it can be a blend of all of these materials.
Filling for pillows include any of the following substances:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Memory foam
  • Latex
  • Down filling
  • Buckwheat
  • Poly-fill or other synthetics

See it’s only the cover that contains the bamboo. The filling is of regular pillow materials.
In short, a bamboo pillow is a luxurious sleeping case filled with a variety of materials. A higher level of comfort is what that makes it so popular.

Bamboo Fiber to a Bamboo Pillow

The bamboo trees are fast growing and naturally sustainable. Maybe that’s the reason it has a lower environmental footprint. The bamboo fibers those are used in bamboo pillows are separated from the pulp of bamboo. But turning it to the bedding product isn’t something very simple.

The raw bamboo pulp is rough and stiff and therefore needs processing. It’s a labor and time intensive program. But the entire process is less expensive than other synthetic materials processing. It requires a lot of chemicals for creating a finished selling worth product. Through processing, it’s turned into a viscous substance so that they can weave it into the bedding material. After that, it’s combined with other synthetic and natural threads for making it soft and unique.

What Is So Special About Bamboo Pillows?

As we discussed above, a bamboo pillow is very much similar to a shredded memory foam pillow. Or other materials are blended with memory foam. Again, neither it’s completely green nor it’s 100% environment-friendly. So what is so special about bamboo pillows? Or in another word, why you may prefer a bamboo pillow over a memory foam or any other pillow? Consider the following facts.

1. Removable filling

You may have to adjust yourself with other types of pillows. But here you can adjust a bamboo pillow according to your preference.
In most of the bamboo pillows, a separate zipped case contains the filling of the pillow. Most of the bamboo pillows contain a large amount of filling. So You can add more or remove some filling depending on how fluffy, soft thinner or thicker feel you need. Though it’ll take some time to distribute the filling evenly, the comfort you’ll get worth it.

2. A wide variety of filling

As we discussed earlier, a variety of materials can be blended with memory foam to use as a bamboo pillow filler. Traditional memory foam has body warming property. But the combined material cuts this by creating a cooler sleeping surface. Thus it helps you to sleep better. The best bamboo pillow also contains a solid cushion of memory foam. Moreover, the malleability and contouring property ensures you a customized comfort while sleeping.

3. Malleability

Malleability is one of the main reasons why people choose this. As mentioned earlier, most of the bamboo pillows are in fact memory foam pillows. It not only reduces the pressure points but also increases air circulation. Overall, it gives you a softer feel although some of the bamboo pillows offer solid surface to sleep. Again, with a blending of soft fiber like poly-fill, they offer you exactly the same feel as a down or feather pillow.

4. Adjustability

Bamboo pillows meet all the comfort levels from, soft to extra firm. The bamboo pillows of the original design don’t have the filling removability. Instead, it has the flexibility. It allows you to adjust the pillow according to the sleeping position. You can firm the pillow up by folding it. Again, you can make it thin and softer by turning it on.

5. Travelling companion

As bamboo pillows compress very well, traveling with them will be easy. You can take a full-size bamboo pillow but it won’t take much of the space as you can roll it tightly. Thus you can ensure both the comfort and mobility while traveling with a bamboo pillow.

Properties of Bamboo as a Pillow Material

1. Antibacterial

One of the unique properties of bamboo is that it’s antimicrobial by nature. Harmful bacteria can easily affect the mucous membrane of your mouth, eyes, and nose. So it’s important for the pillow that’s lying next to your face be antibacterial. This property creates an inhospitable environment so that it cannot grow and breed. Thus it keeps bacteria away from the pillow surface.

Researches showed that all parts of a bamboo plant are antimicrobial as the fibers are high in lignin. This polymer is the reason bamboo is woody and rigid. After pulping, the lignin brakes down and take part in the fiber producing process.

2. Hypoallergenic

Pillows coming from a natural source and doesn’t include chemicals are hypoallergenic. Again, it discourages dust mites, another allergy source, to accumulate. I am not saying that it’s guaranteed that it won’t cause any breath or skin allergy. I am just saying that it’s less allergy-triggering than other pillow materials.
But to make bamboo fiber out of the bamboo pulp, they are exposed to various chemicals. These chemicals break down the lignin. So unlike silk and cotton, they aren’t processed naturally. But still many choose this pillow material especially those having an allergy problem.

3. Moisture Absorbency

Bamboo is highly moisture absorbent needed for a cooler sound sleep. During sleep, our body temperature naturally goes down. Normal memory foam warms up the body, make it sweat and thus interrupts the sleep. The bamboo pillow absorbs moistures even more than pure natural fiber. It’s helpful to a cooler night’s sleep. Durability and softness are additional benefits

4. Body Cooling

The best bamboo pillow material has brilliant airflow option. Absorbency and venting capability also help to absorb moisture. Thus it prevents body warming.

Benefits of Bamboo Pillows

1. It Maintains Proper Spinal Alignment

The spinal system is the route of the entire body function. So maintaining the right spinal alignment is very important. Your sleeping position can misaligned it which can lead to the neck or back pain. The design of a bamboo pillow is such that it helps to support your neck and shoulders. No matter what type of sleeper you are, it enables you to have a good rest and healthy body functioning.

2. Suitable For All Sleeping Position

Because of its flexibility, it perfectly suits all types of sleeping postures. You can create the perfect thickness you require to support your neck, head, and shoulders. You can also tuck your arm under the pillow as it will comfort your body accordingly.Also, it won’t interrupt the air flow.

While sleeping on the back, the spine falls into its natural curved position. That’s why it’s considered the healthiest sleeping position. For this purpose, your head and shoulders should be at the same level.
On the other hand, when you’re sleeping on your stomach, your spine is in the most misalign position. Keep your head and neck as much flat as possible will help to some extent.

The side sleepers compromise the space needed for the natural spinal position. You can fold a bamboo pillow to higher your head to keep it at the same level as your neck.

Available Sizes of Bamboo Pillows

As bamboo pillows are special pillows, the sizes aren’t based on industry standards. Rather they are according to the specification of the manufacturer.

Industry standards accept dimensions of 30 x 36 inches for king size. For queen sizes, they create 20 x 26 inches. So, store-bought pillow case will perfectly fit them. Usually, the loft of a bamboo pillow is higher because of the air pockets within it. But as soon as it comes under a weight, it compresses and provides an accurate measurement.

Final Verdict

I hope you’ve found the answer of what is so special about bamboo pillows? I am not saying a bamboo pillow is a complete solution to your sleep problems. But if you’re trying everything else, then why not this one?

What is so special about bamboo pillows?
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